Luke Cassidy Wins 2020 Hodge Award

MLHC Lawyer Luke Cassidy has been awarded the prestigious 2020 Criminal Lawyers Associations’ Hodge Award.

The Hodge Award, named after renowned criminal lawyer Andrew Scott Hodge, has been recognising amazing contributions from young criminal lawyers to the practice of criminal law in Western Australia since 2001.

Luke was nominated for his exceptional advocacy skills and unwavering commitment to help people diagnosed with a mental illness who find themselves before the courts.

 “Acute mental illness can significantly impact people’s ability to understand legal proceedings, understand legal advice or be able to effectively communicate their decisions,” said Luke

“Anybody, whether they have health difficulties or not, are going to struggle with the court system. If they can’t understand the process, then justice is really not being done.”

Beginning his career as a volunteer at MHLC, Luke went on to complete his practice legal training with the organisation before joining as a member of the MHLC team. 

“MHLC is a fascinating place to work because it has criminal law mixed in with the human-rights component,” explained Luke.

“Every day I am thankful for the opportunity I have to make a difference.”

Luke is a crusader for people experiencing mental illness and this award is fabulous recognition for an outstanding member of the MHLC team. We know there will be plenty more success for Luke – and his clients – in the years ahead.

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