MHLC video series helps navigate the legal system

It can be difficult understanding the ins and outs of legal processes and proceedings. So, here at MHLC we’re bringing you a series of short videos to provide information and guidance to people who are facing legal issues.

MHLC is the first and only service of its kind in Western Australia that offers a legal service that supports people facing legal issues related to a serious mental illness.

MHLC – Who we are and what we do

Learn more about MHLC – who we are and what we do, including the areas we provide legal advice and representation in. It also covers all the other important services we offer including our telephone advice line. View the video here.

Mental Health Tribunal – Involuntary treatment orders

This provides a guide to dealing with involuntary treatment orders including how the orders are made, the criteria for an order and what you need to do if you are under an involuntary treatment order.

Mental Health Tribunal Hearings – What are they?

The hearing process for people under an involuntary treatment order is explained, including who attends, what their roles are and the timeframes for when an order must be reviewed.

If you need legal assistance or representation, or for any general enquiries, please contact our Telephone Advice Line.

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