Legal Advice & Representation


Subject to resources, the Mental Health Law Centre can provide legal advice and representation for all matters under the Mental Health Act 2014, particularly for involuntary patients who are in hospital or under a Community Treatment Order (CTO).

Involuntary patients have the statutory right to have their involuntary status reviewed by the Mental Health Tribunal.  Lawyers and paralegals at the Centre can assist by requesting reviews and assisting in the review process. We also provide advice for related matters such as making a complaint, accessing medical records, talking to patients about their rights under the Mental Health Act 2014 (WA), and advocating by dealing with the mental health service.

We may also be able to assist in the following areas: criminal law and with guardianship and administration matters.

Our service is available to clients whose mental illnesses are causally related to their legal issues, which they cannot manage without our support.

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