Hannah’s Story

Hannah was homeless despite being provided with a flat unit through the Department of Housing. Having no furniture and being uncertain how to access any she chose to continue living on the streets. As a consequence of her decision, Hannah was at risk of losing the unit she had been given.

One day, as she was walking past the Mental Health Law Centre, Hannah called in and spoke to staff about a mental health issue she was struggling with and her need for some basic furniture including a bed, some linen, a blanket, heater and possibly a phone.

The Centre’s staff were happy to contact the Salvation Army on her behalf and arranged for her to have an appointment with a social worker on the same day. Staff then wrote a letter of referral for Hannah to give to the Salvation Army and made sure to contact them again at the end of the day to confirm she had attended her appointment and whether she had been assisted.

Afterwards, Hannah was relieved and thankful.

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